Exams are stressful and preparing for them can be just as much of a strain. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help alleviate that stress and log the study hours that you need.


Put down the media. Unless you are using an online text there is no need to have your phone or laptop within reach. Leave it in your bag. If you are using the internet only keep open the tabs that you need. Log out of your social media accounts. The extra step of logging back in can help deter you from breaking your concentration and taking those extra few minutes to check your updates.


Take frequent breaks. Knowing that you have an hour or two of work ahead of you can be daunting. Studies have shown that a break every 15 or 20 minutes can break up the monotony of studying and actually help with concentration. Get your blood moving again. Walking around or even standing up for a few minutes can offer enough of a distraction to break the boredom. Better yet, if you can go over your study material with a friend during a physical activity you will increase your focus and retain information better.


Eat a light but healthy meal before or during your study time. Having a healthy snack or small meal before studying gives your brain the boost of energy it needs to focus. Have a whole grain bagel with some blueberries and avocado before you settle down. The whole grains will keep you satiated while the healthy fats in the avocado and the nutrients in the blueberries fuel your brain. Snacking while you study can also increase your concentration. Some people fidget when they sit still for too long so snacking while studying can also help keep your hands busy.


Keep your schedule in mind. Organize your time so that you do not run into conflicts. Multi tasking is overrated. Schedule yourself enough time to study and then do only that. Try to schedule your time during the day when you are most alert. Then, find a place conducive to helping you focus. For some this is a library, others concentrate better in a bustling coffee shop. Whichever is best for you find a place and buckle down.


Try to make connections between your study material and something else. Relate your material to a book you have read or an experience you have had. Make it fun and personal. This will also make your material easier to remember. Study with a friend or a partner who is taking the same exam as you.