Tell Texas congressman to respect MA state’s rights

Attorney General Maura Healey and her office are doing good, important work for to protect the environment by investigating what Exxon knew about the impacts of fossil fuels on climate change.

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith is harassing her office and block their work with a subpoena for documents of her investigation in an attempt to stymie the investigation from Congress.

You heard that correctly: a Texas member of Congress is interfering with work by state elected officials outside of his state. Why would he violate states’ rights—isn’t that one of the rallying cries of Texas?

This morning I called Rep. Lamar Smith’s DC office at (202) 225-4236 to let him know that I would like him to stop meddling in the operations of my state.

I spoke with a very nice aid named Kenton. Here’s a script you can use when you call:

Good morning! My name is Joshua Reyes.

I am calling today because I’d like Rep. Smith to show that he respects states’ rights by withdrawing his subpoena to the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General regarding their investigation of Exxon Mobile.

I live in Massachusetts and I am very upset that the congressman is interfering with the operations in my state.

Please urge Rep. Smith to drop the subpoena, so that my state elected officials can do their job in my state in an efficient and effective manor, without distraction from out-of-state forces.

Thank you for the hard work you do, and have a good day!

Kenton asked for my name and zip code. Make sure they take down your information when you call, too.

Yay for states’ rights. Hurray for the good, hard work done in the Massachusetts AG office. You guys are great.