About the Title

For a short time I called this thing The Asymmetry of Ignorance. However, the title was way too cool for me, so I quickly changed it back to generic A Weblog. Is it any wonder that my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla? (Actually, it’s grapenut.)

But for those of you who care to know, the phrase the asymmetry of ignorance comes from the article “Social Creativity: Turning Barriers into Opportunities for Collaborative Design” by Gerald Fischer, a member of the Center for LifeLong Learning and Design, which goes by the cute acronym L3D to those in the group, at the Univesity of Colorado’s CS department. In the paper, he describes communties of practice and contrasts them with their super-communties of interest. Communities of interest cull together people from diverse domains to attack a common body of problems. These groups are often more innovative in their approach if they can exploit the asymmetry of ignorance present in their members.

In this blog, I try to pull together threads of shared relationships among outwardly dissimilar communities of practice. Think of me as a community all unto myself.