Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry carnage in my sink
Above: This is the carnage wrought by my roommate after a recent trip to Haymarket to stock up on fruits and vegetables for the week. An empty glass cleaned of its delicious salsa verde contents stands sentinel over the garbage disposal, as small fruit bodies await their final, environmentally friendly demise.

I recently purchased my first digital camera. Following my friend Emma’s suggestion (and perhaps inspired a little by Emerson), I want to find one beautiful thing every day. Okay, so this picture was taken a week ago. But I like it. Try and keep me honest. I dare you.

One thought on “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. I really like the quality of the camera Josh, also like the picture itself because strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. It’s funny to think me and one of my best friends Andrea will be soon enough. We’ll going around the suburbs of our area and who knows we may go inner city though I’ll let you know possibly we could meet up and do some exploring together? What do you think?

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