It’s not from France.

Yesterday I received a package with shipping instructions written in French. But the package wasn’t from New Caldonia, it was from Canada! My mom sent an advent calendar. Counting down the days ’til Christmas is much more fun if on each day I can devour a smallWarner Bros. character fashioned in chocolate.

Today I stole a five-year old’s Sox cap, though only because he left before taking it back. Sort of like lying by omission, it was a case of theiving by keeping. I have since contacted his mother, who is my residential dean. In the meantime, I shall wear it. I don it now, even as I rock out to house music as I write to you, kind reader.

Also, today, I met with my advisor for my post-thesis meeting. He said that spinors are very subtle. And he gave me a problems which are designed to eek out a very concrete, geometrical understanding of them. I’m so excited I don’t think I’ll study for my ethomusicological listening quiz!

Perhaps I will go swimming, however.