One. Two. Three. Super Destructo!

As promised, here are the rules to the Energy Game. While it looks complicated, it’s not. The entire time keep Rock, Paper, Scissors in mind and things will work out just fine.

This is a two-person, multi-round game. During each round you can perform one move. Rounds are separted by the chant “One. Two. Three.” Each player chants before declaring his move while bumping both hands in a fist as you might during Rock, Paper, Scissors. Each move has an associated hand gesture. To complete a move, a player must vocally declare hsi move and execute the associated hand gesture to signify his move. The following is an example of what one player might say for two rounds’ worth of moves:

One. Two. Three. Energy! (first round.)
One. Two. Three. Block! (second round.)

Offensive Moves
There are three types of offensive moves. They are Punch, Double-punch, and Super Destructo. Each offensive move costs points from your energy bank (to be discussed below).

A single Punch costs one energy point; a Double-punch, two; and Super Destructo, three. A Punch beats Energy. A Double-punch beats a single Punch. Super Destructo, being an unblockable, defeats everything (including block).

The corresponding hand gestures are:
Punch, one fist forward,
Double-punch, two fists forward,
Super Destructo, lasso motion over the player’s head.

Defensive Moves
The only defensive move in the game is called Block. When calling Block, a player must form a cross with his arms. A Block successfully counters a Punch or Double Punch. It had no effect on Energy. A Super Destructo beats a Block. A player may block at any time. It neither costs or gains the player Energy.

In order to play any of the offensive moves, a player must first have the requisite amount of Energy in his Energy Bank. To place a unit of Energy in the Energy Bank, a player must call Energy! as his move. Be wary, however, as this is the only time when a player is vulnerable to a normal attack. To play Energy, a player calls out Energy! accompanied with a single double-fist hand pump.

Example Game 1
One. Two. Three. (1) Energy! (2) Energy!
One. Two. Three. (1) Energy! (2) Punch!
Player Two wins.

Example Game 1
One. Two. Three. (1) Energy! (2) Energy!
One. Two. Three. (1) Energy! (2) Block!
One. Two. Three. (1) Punch! &nbsp(2) Block!
One. Two. Three. (1) Punch! &nbsp(2) Energy!
Player One wins.

I hope this adequately explains the Energy Game. Go out and play it now! It’s a great energizer, spectator sport, ice breaker, and parent. Do it up, yo.