Attending a Harvard Men’s Basketball game, finally joining Harvard Athletics, first real snow, and putting together my awesome new Framework laptop:

After a few days in Spain, celebrating the Winter solstice with family and friends (as always with very balmy weather and delicious food), when we returned to Cambridge we went to cheer for #onecrimson, watching the Harvard Men’s Basketball team beat Columbia at the Lavietes Pavilion with a very disciplined and consistent play style.

Talking about basketball, I finally had enough time to sign up for Harvard Athletics and start enjoying some of its amazing sports facilities (gyms, swimming pools, and basketball courts). Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt lived at the building now hosting the Malkin Athletic Center? Or that Barak Obama used to play basketball at the Hemenway Gymnasium?

On January 16th we finally got our first real snow, with nice accumulation, so we went out for a walk and built a snowman.

But the most interesting event of the month has been receiving my brand new Framework Laptop (12th gen Intel core, DIY edition). With its expansion cards, where you slide in and out selected modules/ports (like ethernet, HDMI, USB-C/A, microSD, SSD, etc.), hardware switches for the camera and microphone, great built quality, and repairability, it was an obvious choice to replace my failing Dell XPS13. So far I’ve been using it for a few days, and except for having to mess with the BIOS Secure Boot to install GNU-Linux as OS, I must say I’m more than happy with it!

Here are some photos.