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Harvard Law School | The Case Studies has served 7,986 customers, published 220 cases, and fulfilled 8,152 orders over the last 6 years. Here is a list of our top 5 bestselling case studies:

1. Diego Primadonna, our most popular product, has accounted for 13% of total downloads from our site. This role play sets the stage for a contract negotiation between the agent of an aging soccer star and a Brazilian soccer club’s business manager. This case helps students practice probing for interests, understanding the concept of a zone of possible agreement, identifying sources of value, producing value-creating options, and practicing distributional strategies.

2. Ernest Shackleton’s Journey to the Endurance describes the path that led Ernest Shackleton to embark on his epic voyage to the Antarctic aboard the Endurance in 1914. The case, a compelling saga of crisis and survival, allows instructors and students to review what happened during the voyage and explores what is required for effective teamwork and leadership in the face of turbulence.

3. William Fox follows the life and career path of William Fox, a mid-career partner at a prestigious law firm in London. This case enables participants to reflect on how to evaluate one’s career trajectory, the balance between commitments to work and personal life, and how the meaning of “success” might evolve over time.

4. Linklaters (A): Seeking Clear Blue Water follows Linklaters managing partner Tony Angel as he seeks to implement his vision for the global law firm. This case allows participants to discuss the importance of creating and articulating a clear strategy in a professional service firm, the challenges related to implementing such a strategy, and the considerations that lead to a successful change management.

5. How to Approach a Case Study in a Problem Solving Workshop is a free product that gives helpful tips for approaching problem-solving case studies and effectively reading these cases to prepare for discussions and exercises.

In 2017, HLS Case Studies published 16 new case studies, 11 of which are free to downloadBrowse all 40 free case studies, including Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering Law Compliance, and Blockchain Technology, the most popular case study published in 2017.

Negotiation instructors might want to review Mortgage Crisis Call, our most viewed new case, which has been viewed nearly 20,000 times since it was published in January 2017. This case is a multiparty negotiation scenario that provides an introduction to group decision making. It is set in the aftermath of the 2008 U.S. residential mortgage crisis, which left more than ten million homes foreclosed.

Please view the full catalog of cases published in 2017.

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