About Us

We created the Harvard Law School | The Case Studies blog to highlight the experiential and participant-centered materials developed and used at Harvard Law School.  HLS is dedicated to exploring ways to further engage students, to better prepare them to be effective lawyers in the real world, and to innovate for the legal classroom. To that end, our faculty and staff at HLS research and write case studies, role plays, and problems that can be used and adapted in a variety of classroom settings.  We are excited about the possibilities that experiential learning presents and are actively supporting the adoption of these materials in other law and professional schools. The articles in this blog will explore and describe the case studies, courses, and workshops at HLS and how other schools are using these and other participant-centered materials to improve and revitalize legal and professional education. We welcome your comments, input, and participation and hope that this blog can become a place to discuss and share your own views and experiences with experiential education–whether you are a student, teacher, staff, or other interested party.

To see all of the HLS experiential materials, go to our web site at Harvard Law School | The Case Studies.

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