#1 Role Play Gets An Update

Product: Diego Primadonna

Brazil_&_Chile_match_at_World_Cup_2010-06-28_6Diego Primadonna, the top downloaded material from HLS Case Studies, has been updated to review the full Seven Elements of Negotiation.

In this negotiation simulation, an aging soccer star and a Brazilian soccer club broker a contract deal. During the negotiation, participants will practice probing for interests, creating value, defining the zone of possible agreement, and implementing distributional strategy.

The confidential roles remain the same, but the updated case expands the previous general instructions about options and criteria.  Based off of the classic elements of principled negotiation from Fisher and Ury’s Getting to Yes, Diego Primadonna’s new general information enumerates issues (that can translate to interests); alternatives; creative options; possible criteria (to prove legitimacy); communication; relationship; and commitment. The Seven Elements sheet should be distributed after participants negotiate the role play, to enhance the debrief discussion and elucidate additional strategies.

To download the new Diego Primadonna, visit HLS Case Studies. Educators and staff of non-profit institutions are eligible to receive review copies free of charge.

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