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Better Browsing and Ready-to-Teach Units on HLS Case Studies Site

The Case Studies Program is piloting new website features to help customers explore our offerings. Now, visitors can browse by product type: discussion-based case study, workshop-based case study, role play, DVD, international materials, and free materials. Workshop-based case studies generally involve more class sessions than discussion-based case studies, and include a fairly extensive work-product assignment or exercise in addition to in-class discussion.

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Over twenty sample teaching units are now available as well, designed to help educators implement cohesive case studies modules and to inspire other creative pairings of our materials. Included in each teaching unit are learning goals and two to five cases that pair nicely to meet these goals, as well as alternative case studies that could be substituted. Multiple units can be combined to produce an entire experiential course; for instance, the Problem Solving Workshop (PSW) units build upon one another to take students through increasingly difficult legal problems: interviewing and advising a client, representing the public, and handling transactions and controversy.

Case study teaching units

The units based on substantive law and skills are modeled after HLS courses such as the Problem Solving Workshop, Advanced Problem Solving Workshop: Cyberlaw & Intellectual Property, and Internet & Society: Creating the Public Domain. Each case in the PSW units is listed with the legal role of its protagonist; the course intends to expose 1L students to a variety of legal careers. The units on the business of law feature law firm or in-house counselprotagonists. They are intended to help experienced attorneys sharpen their business and leadership skills as they gain seniority in law firms and law departments; however, these teaching units could also be implemented in upper-level law school courses on the legal profession. These cases include topics related to career planning, client services, team leadership, business planning, compensation, mergers, change management, and innovation.

Sample teaching units from the Advanced Problem Solving Workshop. These units can stand alone as an experiential component of a traditional course, or can build upon one another for a semester-long case study curriculum.

As always, customers can still browse the homepage menu by author and subject. New subject categories include Internet and Society, Legal Writing, and Problem Solving. The Legal Writing cases include substantial work products such as memoranda, contracts, and trial motions; the writing assignments are usually detailed in the teaching manuals, but can be adapted to meet specific course objectives. To browse offerings from a specific HLS program, see the program listings in our footer. The Case Studies Program welcomes feedback on our navigational redesign. What other features do you need to meet your needs for browsing and case selection? How can we make our existing options more robust?  What new teaching units would you like to see? Have you implemented one of our case studies teaching units or designed one yourself? Email us at

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