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Summer Time In Medina

A Blog By Hasani Hayden

Week 2 Blog Post “Creations by The Holy Pen”

This post is based on the aesthetic significance of calligraphy in the Islamic faith. One of the things we discussed was how the Qur’an was created as an oral and aural recitation. The faith has a deep reverence for poetry and beauty which is evidence in the sounds and sights associated with the faith. One of those sights is calligraphy.  We find evidence of this in the Qur’an Sura 96 “In the name of your Lord who created: He created human from a clot. Recite! Your Lord is the Most Bountiful One who taught by [means of] the pen, who taught the human what he did not know. The pen is significant because it is what God used to create the world we know today. Therefore, I decided to include the pen in my collage. The pen represents the power of art and acknowledges that God himself is an artist. Another text that contributed to this piece is the famous hadith of the Prophet Muhammad that says “God is beautiful and He loves Beauty”. This is why I brought in the picture of the different beautiful birds. Each one is drastically different from the next. I could have listed 10,000 different breeds of birds and each one would have details unique to only their genus. I think that birds are the most gorgeous creatures created with their dynamic feather patterns, beautiful songs, and dizzying flight patterns. Each one created by God’s pen. Now humans can also create beauty themselves by mastering calligraphy and other art forms.