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Summer Time In Medina

A Blog By Hasani Hayden

Week 4 Blog Post “The Prophet Around Me”


This post is based on The Prophet Mohammad himself. In this post, I wanted to capture the various elements of his role in the Islamic faith. My intention is that the viewer will see each of these pictures and be reminded of a particular element of The Prophet Mohammad’s complete divine responsibility. The mailman represents The Prophet the Messenger (69:40). The gavel represents The Prophet the Authoritarian (7:157). The Compass represents The Prophet Muhammad, the Guidance (42:52). The football player who is blocking the defender represents The Prophet Muhammad the Intercessor (4:64). The last picture is of a woman who is looking up towards someone who serves as a spiritual role model, The Prophet as he has exalted character (21:07). Some people worry that a picture of The Prophet Muhammad can have an adverse effect on the faith and worship technique of the character in question, that they can become so consumed by the picture that they begin to worship that instead of The Prophet himself. As a result, discretion is advised. However, these pictures are not to serve as direct representations of The Prophet but simply reminders of his grace and power. The different pictures should also reflect the versatility of his character and provide us with a sense of appreciation for the breadth of The Prophet Muhammad’s abilities as God’s messenger. The hope of this collage is to also challenge us to see God in everything around us. I wanted to challenge viewers to be able to see how so much of our everyday lives return back to The Prophet and try to find him in the world around us as we go about our daily lives.