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Occupy DC: We shall not be moved.


These are ppl getting arrested shortly. Singing "We shal... on TwitpicHere are the protesters moments before police hauled them int... on Twitpic1
This came on an @Occupy_DC tweet, but the folks are blocking K Street in Washington DC. This is the lobbyist district of DC. At the height of the protest, occupiers shut down 4 blocks of the street. Ryan [OccupyBosRyan] and Acacia livestreamed it. There is archive footage of the first 82 minuteswhich includes the 4 block shutdown. The archive footage of the second 74 minutes includes arrests of the protestors holding the final 1 block.

1Twitpic has a fairly nice feature for hotlinking which normally includes a thumbnail for the source end. The html is there but the thumbs are not available at the moment. Hopefully this will be fixed.

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