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Occupy .* : National Day of Action


Denial, anger, and bargaining1over the loss of Our Beloved OccuSink to the urge to march. @arieloshin met up with the carpenters and continued on to the #99unity rally in Copley Square.

Meeting up with a picket line of carpenters! #99unity on Twitpic    At least 400 people are here at coply for #99unity rally! Joi... on Twitpic

There is a broad range of social justice issues on the agenda for today, including the mother of all social justice issues – abrupt global climate change/climate justice.

1No one is in acceptance. We are confident that the court will realize that it was an unreasonable seizure.

Occupy Boston: You Can’t Evict an Idea


Occupy Boston goes to court tomorrow. A Temporary Restraining Order prevents the Boston Police from removing the tents from Dewey Square Park. Superior Court Judge Francis Mcintyre ruled that tents constitute symbolic free speech. The hearing will determine if the TRO will be replaced by a Preliminary Injunction or simply expire leaving the BPD to do their will. The National Lawyers Guild lawyer representing us is optimistic. Another member of the Guild told me, “the case will be over.”  Folks went out tonight to rally public support. @gvmiii tweeted using a photohost with a less than obvious “intellectual property” regime.

You Can’t Evict an Idea

@LejlaOWS  Boston University ’15 tweeted.

Current police presence at #OccupyBoston on Twitpic    #OccupyBoston march on Twitpic    So many people at the #OccupyBoston march! #ows on Twitpic
#OccupyBoston march. Join us! on Twitpic    Share this widely. This is what patriotism looks like! #occup... on Twitpic    #OccupyBoston marching on Boylston on Twitpic

This is what alternative media looks like.


Guantánamo Manual Leak: Has WikiLeaks been censored?


Guantánamo Bay Camp Delta Map from leaked DoD Manual
Guantánamo Bay Camp Delta Map from leaked military manual.

Wired Magazine reported yesterday that:

A never-before-seen military manual detailing the day-to-day operations of the U.S. military’s Guantánamo Bay detention facility has been leaked to the web, affording a rare inside glimpse into the institution where the United States has imprisoned hundreds of suspected terrorists since 2002.

[Full Article]

The document was leaked through an “anonymized” Wiki site called The Wikipedia page for it notes that sometime since the leak the site “has become inaccessible”. I first heard of this from Rachel Maddow and discovered that the main site was inaccessible. I assumed Rachel had slasdoted the site, but this morning still no go. I tried several of the regional WikiLeaks sites listed on the Wikipedia page to no avail. If WikiLeaks has been the target of BlackOps, how did THEY get widely separated servers?1

WikiLeaks used the software from WikiMedia Foundation for assembling and presenting information and the The Onion Router to provide anonymity to whistleblowers.

As of 19:20 UTC Thursday Novermber 15, 2007 these sites all are inaccessible:

1I suppose a Domain Name Server attack might make all the WikiLeaks sites “inaccessible” if, like me, you don’t know any of the IP addresses. If true, a possible countermeasure might be for a number of “above ground” friendlies to post IP addresses to the net – an alternate DNS.

Kucinich again: Wherefore Richard B Cheney by such conduct, warrants impeachement and trial, and removal from office.


Representative Dennis Kucinich today introduced a “priveleged resolution” H. Res. 7991 to impeach Ricard B. Cheney. It is essentially the same as his previous motion to impeach H. Res. 3332 which was blocked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A privileged motion, if not tabled or referred, must be debated and voted upon. House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer [D. Maryland] introduced a motion to table, but the Republicans voted it down! The fifteen minute vote lasted an hour and five minutes with many Republicans who had initially voted to table changing their votes. [Brent Budowsky thinks they may have outsmarted themselves.] Eventually some Democrats who had initially voted to table followed suit. The House voted 218-194 on Steny Hoyer’s motion to refer to the Judiciary Committee.

The corporate media take the view that this is a campaign stunt that has no chance of further action. The referral to House Judiciary, in their view, amounts to killing it. But polls indicate that 54% of the American people favor impeachment. Many municipalities have passed impeachment resolutions. Needless to say, “alternative media” have a different view. Bradblog has a “waffling” statement from John Conyers. “Waffling” is in his view, better than “not on the table.” Paul Reickhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, told Rachel Maddow that “this story has legs.”, who sponsor ImpeachCheney, view it as a hopeful sign and a cause for action. If you would like to have your name read into the Congressional record, check them out.

1Full text from the Library of Congress. It’s easier to read than the text on Kucinich’s website. Note that resolutions [H. Res.] and bills [H.R.] have separate numbering schemes.

2Full text from the Library of Congress. An easier to read slightly polished version of the full text by Mathew Cardinale of the Atlanta Progressive News. An easy way to compare 333 and 799 is to open them in adjacent tabs and align them vertically. Flipping tabs will cause differences to appear as “motion”.

Mukasey nomination put forward :(


The nomination of Michael Mukasey to replace Torture Alum Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee 11-8. It now goes to the full Senate.

Harvard Anti-Torture Coalition survives waterboarding!


A member of the Harvard Anti-Torture Coalition demands


Coalition member demands “Habeas Now!”.
University Hall April 26, 2007.
Photo: Harvard Anti-Torture Coalition

When Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey was asked if he would condemn the use of waterboarding1, he sounded a lot like portly Sargent Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes, “I know nothing, nothing.” The Harvard Anti-Torture Coalition, who did some very fine work busting Torture Alum Alberto Gonzales , reacted, “We Drown in Silence“. But they came up fighting last Friday, urging us to call our Senators to oppose the nomination. They provide phone numbers. There is still time, since the Senate Judiciary Committee vote is tomorrow Nov. 6. Pundits believe that the chances of stopping the nomination in Committee are much better than stopping it on the floor of the full Senate.

The Stop Torture front page.

John Nichols, who writes for the Nation and the Capitol Times, says that over the weekend U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold launched a new campaign to block approval of the nomination.

2Note the Post-Orwellian locution for “prisoner” and “torture”.

BU “Biodefense” Lab: It ain’t over ’til the community says it’s over.


Biohazard symbol projected on the Boston Globe building on Morrissey building.

The offical logo of the Boston Globe on their building on Morrissey
Boulevard, Dorchester, MA [near UMass Mandela and the JFK Library].
Technical augmention is by the StopTheBioLab Coalition.

NIH funded study OK’s NIH “Biodefense” Lab siting.

With the release of the court mandate Final Environmental Impact Report [FEIR]

It is not quite leaving the fox to watch the hen house. It is asking the fox to outsource the watching of the hen house.

The Stop the Biolab Coalition has cases before both the State and Federal Courts. The case with the State was heard by the Supreme Judicial Court on September 5. BU asked for a continuance in the Federal case.

NIH Community hearing Thursday Sept 20, 2007 Faneuil Hall.