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¡Ya basta!


Evan Greer singing to a rally for fired Harvard worker Joan Frankel

I thought he was talking about somebody’s mother, but ¡Ya basta! means roughly ‘Enough is enough! Offered by local singer-songwriter Evan Greer to a rally for fired Harvard worker Joan Frankel,  it energized the first labor action of the new term.

Josh Koritz advancing for the rally for Joan Frankel

I could say more, but there was a lot of  ‘alternative media’ coverage. I’ll link it as it appears.

Jason Pramas has a nice slideshow and report of the rally at Open Media Boston.

Not exactly Mainstream Media, but not real ‘Alternative Media’:

Tara Merrigan of the Crimson has a text report.

I am remiss in reporting the last labor action of the last term. The Harvard Student Labor Action Movement had a “Walk with Workers” which had a “Bread and Roses” theme. It was covered by the Crimson, but I can show you more pictures :).

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