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Standing with Rachel*


Young demonstrator holding Palestinian flag.

Young demonstrator holding the Palestinian flag in Harvard Square, December 29, 2008.

Democracy Now has a lot of coverage of the latest from Gaza.

[This link is now 15 days old. Fortunately and unfortunately, it is still accurate.]

*It was not my intent to be enigmatic. As we used to say in the 60’s, I’ve had “a heavy head.”! I refer to Rachel Corrie who was killed by an armored D9R bulldozer as she tried to prevent the destruction of a Palestinian home on the Gaza Strip. Cindy and Craig Corrie spoke at Christ Church Cambridge last summer. Craig was asked, “Did you try to prevent Rachel from going?” “Of course, I asked her questions. I wanted to be sure she understood … , but when your child tells you that her conscience demands that she do something you cannot prevent her from doing it.”

!My only regret about being homeless is that it takes time away from saving the world, which is after all what I ‘do’.

Ramsey Clark comes to Boston; denounces political prosecutions.
Gaza In Context: Background and Prospects From the Current Crisis

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