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Israeli Consulate snubs Boston area Jews.*


Updated, January 25

They came to deliver food and medical supplies for an international relief convoy to Gaza this Saturday January 26:

Bringing food and medical supplies to the Israeli Consulate at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston

Gaza has other problems:

Clean the Water, Turn on the Lights, Stop the War on Human Rights
Clean the Water, Turn on the Lights,
Stop the War on Human Rights.

The demonstrators view the Israeli blockade in response to Hamas rockets as:

Collective Punishment is a War Crime

Collective Punishment

They wanted to speak with the Israeli Consul and ask him to let the convoy through:

Panorama of Jews for Human Rights in Gaza trying to get in to the Israeli Consulate

But they were turned away:

Police turning away the Jews for Human Rights in Gaza at the Israeli Consulate, Park Plaza Hotel, Boston

There were some goyim1 and the Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights might include some Palestinians, but mostly the were Jews – Jews for Human Rights in Gaza and Jewish Voices for Peace – and the Israeli Consul would not see them.

Saturday, January 26, Local: Campaign to Break the Siege of Gaza, 12noon-1pm, Harvard Sq., Cambridge (in front of Au Bon Pain) On that day that Israeli peace groups will attempt to enter the Gaza Strip with a convoy of essential supplies and medicines. Gaza no longer has sufficient fuel to keep its power station running. Hospitals and homes are dark and cold, remaining food stocks are being spoiled, the water and sewage infrastructure is breaking down. We American taxpayers — who make this collective punishment possible — must raise our voices. Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights

1Reverand Ralph, though sporting an Anglican collar, is Unitarian. Ah, those Unitarians, such an unruly bunch. God love ’em. And as I’ve mentioned before, I am Pennsylvania Dutch.

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