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Three Arrested In Harvard Square: Stand for Security


SEIU 615 and supporters rounding the bend in front of Lehman Hall, Harvard Square.
Three standing firm in front of Strauss Hall
Three people stood firm. They stayed until they blocked traffic…
Protestors at Stand for Security being handcuffed.
…and they were handcuffed.
The guy in the red hat is Steve Meachem, one of Cambridge’s establishment radicals. I believe he is a necessitarian, but I respect him. When not being arrested he works very hard to help people in very direct ways – without fanfare. I’m somewhat of a nominalist – ideas are not ends in themselves; they are tools. I met Steve through Eviction Free Zone. Not a bad group. Tom Potter was shouting something at Emerson Harris. O’brien was already gone. She was coming in Johnston Gate as I was going out. They are competing necessitarians. The person in the green dayglo hat is a Lawyer’s Guild legal observer. The man standing to Steve’s left, Jeff Feuer, is also a legal observer but he’s wearing a black hat. Dude! You’re out of uniform! Doesn’t matter, I’m sure all the cops – Cambridge and Harvard – know who he is.
Close up of wagon
I was too slow, but they were put in the wagon.
Arrested protestors released from Cambridge Police Station
Steve Meachem of City Life/Vida Urbana, Michael Gallagher of SEIU 615, and Darlene Lombos of Community Labor United
on their release from Cambridge Police Station.
Without Food; With Cause
Inclusive organizing vs. Exclusive organizing: Amended

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