Is education a social science?

Social science is an integral part of academic discipline that deals with society and studies its relationships within the individuals in the society. Social sciences encompass a wide variety of disciplines as economics, political science, human geography, demography, and psychology, among others. And it also includes education.


Many argue that education should not be considered a social science as technically, it is a discipline which merely gives systematic instruction, like in a school or university. However, beyond the giving of instructions, education provides far reaching repercussions that result to mankind having a better quality of life, which is the reason why is should be considered a science.

1. Education is an enabler

Educated men can work across generations and cultures. Today, people are not confined only to work in their own places of domicile: because educated people have acquired the skills to do more complex jobs, they are able to find more fulfilling and higher paying jobs, resulting in better lives for them and their families. In fact, many people have crossed the boundaries of language, so that they learn a second language to better understand peoples of other cultures.

2. Education has a correlation with better societies

Education provides mankind with information on how to live better and healthy lives, not only by giving information on what to do to achieve well being but conversely to show them the bad effects of bad health habits.

Studies show that societies with more educated people suffer less infant mortalities, have lower incidences of depression, and show a higher propensity to cope with everyday challenges. Conversely, those societies with more uneducated people suffer the brunt of increasing health costs, incidences of suicides, and higher rates of people having sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Education as an inspirer

To be educated is to aspire for goals way beyond what the mind can imagine. When a person is educated, he is able to think big, using all he has learned to follow up on his life goals. An educated man’s will to succeed cannot easily be thwarted with superficial challenges. In fact, the more an educated person is challenged, the more he strives to get over his problems.

4. Education opens our mind

Education gives man an open mind but helps him go on the right track. An educated person’s walls are limitless. He will always be open to ideas, however, when it comes to making decisions, he knows what will be best for him and will stick it out through thick or thin. An educated person is able to have a masterplan for his life where aside from his options, he has back-up plans just in case he is side-tracked.

5. Education helps us live the life we want

All of us go to universities to finish a degree. This degree is not something we get so that we can brag about it. This degree is a result of years of dutiful study so that we can land our coveted job, be financially independent and feel good that we have reached our goals after years of hard work.

Although education may not necessarily equate to success, having a good education will definitely open doors for people to advance their causes so that these opportunities, whether big or small, may in one way or the other, lead us to achieving the happiness that we all have been working for.

2 thoughts on “Is education a social science?

  1. In developed countries; Access to an advanced education is a very good opportunity for students. And in developing countries, improvement and change in education is an urgent matter.
    I am Vietnamese. My country has just emerged from poverty, now a developing country. However, education in my country is too backward, the students if you want to grow and the rich family, find opportunities to study in advanced countries, including the United States. Poor students, even if they try to study after graduation, find it difficult to find a job, or work in the wrong industry. Knowledge is taught in schools that can not be applied

  2. I love what I’ve read about education being a social science. I studied Adult education/political science and I know that education takes away ignorance and open our eyes to wider horizons and perspectives.

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