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Comic of the Day

created by Ted Rall

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Ritter Predicts June Attack

An email report we received from a gold investor’s list claims ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter gave a speech Friday in Olympia, Washington, in which he stated George Bush has seen and signed off on plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities … Continue reading

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Insult Upon Injury

Yesterday, accompanied by Dr. P.J. Sinestro, a chiropractor with obscure mob connections buried deeply in his past, the Dowbrigade took in a Boston University Men’s Varsity Basketball joust with local rival Northeastern. College sports is one of the last remaining … Continue reading

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The Doctor Has Left the House

Long before the current obsession with "Citizen Journalism" one man stood tall and rejected the ludicrous and self-serving myth of "journalistic objectivity". His name was Hunter Thompson and he called his approach to writing about the world "Gonzo Journalism." Yesterday … Continue reading

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