S1:E4 – The Last Outpost

“It’s good because it says you shouldn’t battle each other. Commander Riker is pretty cool in this one. The Ferengi are sort of dumb and mean.  Data is really funny when he gets his fingers caught in the Chinese finger trap.”

TNG watches TNG – an ongoing series where my almost 11 year old daughter discovers Star Trek.

2 thoughts on “S1:E4 – The Last Outpost

  1. Oh man, the Ferengi are SO WEIRD in that episode. It’s their first appearance and it’s incredibly insulting and unflattering compared to the nuance we get to see in DS9. I bet they regret not being more careful at the time.

    Also: Laser whips, WTF.

  2. An explanation for the ds9 ferengi – it’s the cosmopolitan ones that end up on a space station, better able to deal with other species rather than constantly gawking about how their females wear clothes.

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