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Archive for August, 2004

A Fun Game You Can Play

Thursday, August 26th, 2004

At least, I hope you can play this game. I can.

Read outside, in direct bright sunlight. Black ink on white paper does well. The Boston Phoenix is just fine too.

Now go inside, under flourescent lights. The text will appear bright neon green! It’s cool looking.

Stare at it a while without blinking – green, green. Now start to steadily give a good second-long blink every five seconds or so. It will appear dark or black when your eyes first open, and gradually brighten back into the bright, glowing green as you stare at it. It will take it longer to get green after each blink, until it eventually stays black.

Two Days to Go

Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

According to a Russian anti-virus firm, elite Islamic terrorist hackers are set to cripple the Internet on August 26th.

Maybe they’ll do some sort of DOS against the WHOLE INTERNET using email death threats. Perhaps Mohammed Khan was working on just such a diabolical scheme when they caught him!

My Own Idea

Friday, August 20th, 2004

Word # hits
onepeat 14
twopeat 517
threepeat 4460
fourpeat 454
fivepeat 39
sixpeat 13
sevenpeat 1
eightpeat 1
ninepeat 0
tenpeat 1
elevenpeat 1
twelvepeat 13
thirteenpeat 0
fourteenpeat 0
fifteenpeat 0
sixteenpeat 0
seventeenpeat 0
eighteenpeat 0
nineteenpeat 0
twentypeat 2
where n is a whole number
and n != 4,999,980
5 millionpeat 1

One will surely confess onepeat and twopeat to be, respectively, singularly and doubly astonishing.

Zeropeat does not occur. I hereby copyright the word and declare it to be a trademark of Desultor Inc. I also patent the idea of a verbal noun referring to the completion of an action zero times. That shit is not “pending” – it is an active patent. If you try to take food from my babies’ mouths, you will be dealt with forcefully.

Pynchon, where art thou?

Friday, August 6th, 2004

The L.A. Times, on the arrest of Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan:

He was arrested while uploading information to several Al Qaeda-affiliated websites at an Internet cafe in Karachi, the Pakistani intelligence official said. Khan also was in the process of sending an e-mail death threat to President Bush and claiming that it came from Al Qaeda, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

This is actually quite funny.