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Friends from the ‘net

Yesterday, I got to have lunch with the lovely Sandy, author of Daisyspetals.

I “met” Sandy on the ‘net some six years ago! She had to travel to the city where I work for a conference so we got to meet after all these years! Sandy is from Oklahoma and also works at a university. That is only the beginning of the similarities in our lives. Its amazing how two people, with two different backgrounds, from two different parts of the country, that randomly met on the internet can have so much in common.

We spent more time together than I should probably admit (considering I was at work!) but from the moment she hopped on that shuttle bus until the time we parted ways, we chatted away like we had actually known each other for six years! It was a wonderful time and left me to wondering how fun it would be to meet more of my friends I’ve met on the ‘net!

One of Sandy’s stories got me to thinking. Well, thinking might be an understatement. I’m thinking I was doing something a little more like philosophizing. I don’t have time to right it out now, but I will. Come back soon!

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One Response to “Friends from the ‘net”

  1. daisy Says:

    You’ve outed me! I had a great time too. We’ll have to figure out how to get back to Boston or get you here. Better chance I’m sure of us getting back to Boston!