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Over the years, my blog has become a sort of journal to me. Its a place I can go and look back on the goings-on in my life. For that reason, I have to record here the fact that I experienced my first ever earthquake yesterday. In Massachusetts, no less.

It was truly a surreal experience. Late morning, I suddenly started getting an incredible headache. I took a couple Tylenol while wondering what the heck was causing me to suddenly get a headache in the middle of the day. I went about my business and then around 1:30, the pain was becoming excruciating. So I chugged down a couple more Tylenol. I was looking at my computer monitor and my eyes just didn’t feel right. I said to myself, “Maybe I better see if I can move my eye appointment up!”

I leaned back and pressed on my eye lids, trying to will the pain away. I was rubbing my temples, as that has helped in the past. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I was getting ready to go lay down on one of the couches in our area when I suddenly found myself shaking. WTF?!?!?! Was I about to black out????

Then people started emerging from their offices with the news that we had just experienced an earthquake. In Massachusetts. “WTF?!?!?!”, I repeat. As the day progressed, my headache slowly calmed. I thought to myself, could the headache and the earthquake be related??? So, google I did…

“Earthquake sensitive humans may experience physical, random or monthly type hormonal, emotional, and brain activity related responses to those energy field fluctuations. Headaches are among the most common responses. Nausea and dizziness can occur. ”

Apparently, I’m an earthquake sensitive human. Who’da thunk?!?!?!

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2 Responses to “Earthquake”

  1. daisy Says:

    I’ve felt you are, indeed, a senstive human. The past few years Oklahoma has experienced quite a few earthquakes and it’s just weird! With the over 88 days of 100+ degrees (and still counting unfortunately) and the East Coast having an earthquake I think the world may be coming to an end. I hope it doesn’t before I see you in September!

  2. ben Says:

    Wow, it’s like you have discovered that you have a super power. If your life were a steven king novel this would be just the first chapter. Soon you’d be getting all types of premonitions.