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September 20, 2004

Slipping and Sliding

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It seems like a really long time ago, but I’ve gotten ahold of photos from some of the afternoon Olympic events, so I figured I’d put them up. The jello slip and slide and jousting events were the brain children of Brett, Dupa, Raff and Andrew, and they were making jello in the lab kitchen for almost an entire week in preparation. You couldn’t walk into the walk-in fridge because it was too full of jello, and the whole building smelled like candy strawberry for days. It was definitely the highlight of the day–much more fun than jello wrestling, the original suggestion, would have been.

This is me before my bronze medal-winning slide:

and during:

and after, posing with the champion slip n’ slider, Christophe


The other major event of the afternoon was the jousting competition. This was one of those ideas that refused to die, despite set backs. An attempt to haul a huge tree trunk off the shore into the middle of the lake to serve as the jousting platform failed, as did several alternate plans. In the end though, it was definitely worth it–this event showed who on the island played fair, and who played dirty.

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