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June 12, 2005

Derby Day

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This happened so long ago now, that I’m afraid if I don’t put these
photos up now, I never will.  In celebration of the Kentucky
Derby, BCI holds its own Derby Day each spring.  It is a chance to
see what everyone on the island looks like dressed in nice clothing,
and not covered in mud.

The day started with a delicious crepe and mimosa breakfast, followed by  water volleyball in Fairchild cove.

Although, there was more drinking and floating than playing:

Due to the lack of thoroughbred horses on the island, and the
difficulties of catching enough ocelots to have a competitive field, we
race Bufo marinus, the infamous cane toad.

Click here to see the contestants:


After everyone has selected their toad

and gotten themselves a mint julip or a martini and a cigar

the racing starts:

Click here to see the final heat

To finish the evening, there was a BBQ and a party at the Old Dining Hall. 

It was a really fun day, except
probably for the toads.  However, they don’t seem to have been
done any permanent damage, since there are just as many hanging around
my dorm now as there were before Derby Day!

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