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Using Wikis to Increase Learning

November 12, 2014 | Comments Off on Using Wikis to Increase Learning

My professor Justin Reich did a talk on Open Educational Resources, and their possible effect on decreasing the achievement gap. In the talk, he covers a plethora of topics, but what sparked my interest was the use of Wikis in Title I schools, or the lack thereof. Being a teacher from a Title I school, I realized I never explored Wikis as an educational tool.

I decided to dive right in and started creating my own Wiki on Wikispaces. Although I am still really new to the tool, I can already see how it could make the organization and structure of classroom logistics easier. Teachers can post discussion questions, assignments, and much more. However, what I am really interested in, is getting the device in the hands of students, which is something Justin Reich mentioned could truly enhance learning.

Having students create a Wiki to demonstrate their understanding of a topic, or co-create a site with their peers, could really give student agency and increase their learning. This being said, I still haven’t have the opportunity of trying it out with students, so if any readers have, please feel free to let me know if you think Wikis truly enhance learning outcomes.


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