4 thoughts on “Christmas at Shalom Hunan

  1. We actually had to find a dessert yesterday on Christmas day, and found a Turkish place that was open (for baklava(sp?)). And we passed a falafel place that was open. I wonder whether kosher restaurants are open on Christmas? If so, why not eat there, if you have any nearby? Of course, that’s not the tradition, which may be reason enough.

  2. We came very close to having Chinese yesterday ourselves. But instead we had leftovers — the big dinner in Rachel’s family tradition is actually Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day.

    Anyway, as you found, the competition is getting fiercer, and I think the Chinese restaurants had better get their PR together to keep this market!

  3. Also: I asked Scott about my question (why not eat at a kosher deli, etc.), he says many reform Jewish families look down on kosher food as inferior (an extension of larger alienation between strictly observant Jewish practices and more secular, reform culture).

  4. On the flip side, my understanding is that many Orthodox Jews (contrary to what the woman in North Carolina surmised) try to behave as if December 24/25 is the same as any other day of the year… a different way to “resist” the dominant culture, I guess. So eating out would acknowledge the significance of the date.

    (Haven’t confirmed this as a general practice, er, non-practice, tho)

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