One thought on “About the Anderkoos

  1. Really check out the anti-obama coalition by Levittown “Archie Bunkers” – it is more dangerous that you’ve discovered and disrupts democracy. McCain stole Obama’s theme with his “join the team” ads but is his campaign is looking for KKK, green beret operatives and wackos?

    They take their orders from Limbaugh/Rove and i.e. create mass chaos through infiltration, ire between Democrats on the ground, undermine vote machines and voting for hillary for increased tension; they hook up on Y/A board with insidious KKK undercover code atatements about advancing threats — right under the noses of innocent posters who don’t know what’s going on.

    These “Operation Chaos-ers” are the people that I used to say need to be approached and cultivated because they feel disenfranchised, but they are so fierce now, it may be too late. Keep everyone extra safe along the way and DON’T let THEM know you know; that would be a HUGE mistake because they would revamp which is what I told the campaign. Think carefully first.

    Here are only two abbreviated posts:

    Question: How is it going with operation chaos Have you signed

    A: i’m in for the long haul !

    A: I can’t the Deomocrats already vote here.

    Q: Question to all the Vets out there, If you had to mark
    Obama, would you hit him with?
    Red Smoke
    Yellow Smoke
    Or Green Smoke.

    A: Red Smoke

    Q: Red smoke for pick up; yellow smoke to mark
    position and green smoke to mark the landing zone.

    A: So maybe red smoke so he will be picked up and
    taken away never to be seen again.

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