There are many ways I can be of support to you and your business. I provide legal and policy advice to individuals, companies, NGOs, and governments.

I am also a public speaker and regular commentator on legal, economic, political, and international affairs with focus on Africa.

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  • Analyst for BBC, VOA, and Aljazeera
  • Consultant to Legal Practice and Development Center, Kigali, (on ADR & Legal Education)
  • Consultant to Development Research and Project Centre, Kano (Legal matters, Leadership & Public health)
  • Consultant to Federal Ministry of Women Affairs (on CEDAW)
  • Consultant to Mediation Training Institute (on paralegals)
  • Master Trainer UNICEF/NYSC (on HIV and Reproductive Health)
  • Consultant to GTZ/ECOWAS Commission (on gender mainstreaming)
  • Legal advice to individuals and companies

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