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Accessibility Workshop

What Will We Be Doing?

  1. Downloading and using a basic browser based screen reader.
  2. Doing a tutorial for that screen reader.
  3. Working with any of the exercises on an accessibility learning site.


  • headphones
  • download ChromeVox¬†(and Chrome)

ChromeVox Interactive Tutorial

ChromeVox is a browser based screen reader. It does not function outside of the [Chrome] browser, but 99% of the time it will function the same as a full-fledged screen reader (JAWS, VoiceOver, NVDA). What this allows is a controllable environment where you can experience the web in a way you’re not accustomed to. It can help put you in the mindset of why some of the accessibility topics are important. It’s recommended you go through the tutorial completely. But feel free to move on if you think you’ve gotten the hang of it. Interactive Tutorial


A11yGoat is a collection of accessibility exercises to be completed at your leisure. Pick and choose which you want to work with. All of the exercises are based off of WCAG 2.0 rules. Each exercise has an explanation that should get you moving in the right direction with what to search for or links that take you directly to the answer. You can then work on them inline and test using ChromeVox. See what it’s like when it’s inaccessible, and then fix it and see what it’s like accessible. AllyGoat

Ask Questions

You’re not expected to know anything¬†about accessibility. Ask away.