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Version 1 is a Joke

First off, I am not talking about VersionOne the Scrum management software.

We have been working toward version 1 on a couple projects for a while. The projects are released in pilot mode, and new releases are pushed to production every week or two, but they aren’t at what we are calling “version 1”. Which is what we are thinking is a finished product.

Scope Creep is Terrifying

I think a thriller/horror movie called “Scope Creep” would do well because I think a lot of people would relate to the horror of it. We have, multiple times now, put all of the stories in our backlog that we considered to be “version 1” into a Jira version. And those stories have all been completed. And then we add more. And those are completed. It is an endless cycle because we’re missing the decision making process of we’re there.

The Perfect Product

Show me a piece of perfect software and it will probably be the “ls” command or something. The key to perfection is simplicity.

Trimming the Tail

It is usually the responsibility of the Product Owner to trim the tail. However, you can’t always rely on that. It is the responsibility of the TEAM to prevent scope creep. Everyone has a say, everyone can see it. No one wants to be working on the same project forever.

only you can prevent scope creep

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