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Don’t Miss INDICARE’s November Edition


Lot’s of good stuff in the INDICARE Monitor’s November edition. Among the interesting articles a timely piece on intrusive DRM by Philipp Bohn, a report on the European Commission’s recommendation on cross border licensing by Margreet Groenenboom, and Bill Rosenblatt’s article on rights management and the revolution in e-publishing. Also check out the INDICARE blog, esp. Margreet’s recent post. She draws our attention to a speech by Commissioner McCreevy, who is quoted with the following words:

“On-line content is increasingly sold by using digital rights management devices (DRMs) that protect the work being sold and often ensure direct payment by the consumer. Consumers download music on to portable devices in a protected format and, while doing so, pay for it. The 2001 Copyright Directive states that fair compensation must take account of the use of DRM. In practical terms, this should mean that as the use of DRMs increases, the use of levies should decrease. This does, however, not appear to be the case. This effectively means that consumers who use legitimate on-line services to download music against payment, pay twice.”

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