Welcome to the PTP Website

The Project on Policing and Technology started in fall 2016 as a joint policy project between criminal justice and technology law groups at Stanford and Harvard Law Schools. In our first year, we conducted extensive research and numerous interviews on topics such as police use of social media, governance of law enforcement and surveillance data, the role of private tech companies in police use of technology, and the federal-to-local procurement process. The year culminated in a multi-stakeholder convening in at Stanford Law School, where police, civil rights advocates, local government officials, academics, and others came together to discuss pressing issues regarding police use of technology.

Today, we’re marking another milestone by launching the PTP Website. While it may not look like much now, our plan is to make this website into a collection of useful resources for anyone with an interest in best practices for police use of technology. These resources will include PTP’s whitepapers and policy toolkits as well as information about past and future PTP events. If you have any feedback on the site, please let us know at info@techandpolicing.org.