New York Public Library Exhibit: Why Children’s Books Matter

From Flavorwire:

Last Friday, an essential exhibit for book lovers and onetime children of all stripes opened at the New York Public Library: The ABC Of It: Why Children’s Books Matter. Within, you can find the copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that belonged to Alice Liddell, a recording of E.B. White reading from Charlotte’s Web, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s family copy of Mother Goose, complete with annotations on which sections were too scary for the children, the original Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals, and more delights. Take a look at some of the treasures the exhibit has to offer after the jump, and head on up to the NYPL to see the show in person before it closes next March.

And below the link to some images of books on display.  My favorite is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s family copy of Nursery Rhymes of England.  If you enlarge the page by clicking it, you will find, among other annotations, that “the miller did swear” is crossed out and replaced with “the miller declared.”…