Hafez sung beautifully


This is one of the most beautiful recordings of Hafez’s ghazals that I’ve ever heard:




As long as there is a name and sign on the tavern
My head will be dust on the road of the Magian Pīr
The ring of the Magian Pīr has been in my ear since pre-eternity
I am as I was and will be as I am
When you pass by my grave, pray for a blessing
For this place will be the shrine of the world’s scoundrels
Go away, O self-seeing ascetic! The mystery behind this veil
Is hidden form your eyes and mine, and will remain so
My Turk, the lover-slayer went out drunk today
I wonder what other person’s blood will run from his eye
from the night my head is laid in the grave
till the morning of the Resurrection, my eye will be anxious to see you
If Hafez’s luck helps him in this way,
The Beloved’s tress will be in the hands of the others.


(modified from the translation in The Divan of Hafez by Reza Saberi p. 245)





تا ز میخانه و می نام و نشان خواهد بود
سر ما خاک ره پیر مغان خواهد بود
حلقه پیر مغان از ازلم در گوش است
بر همانیم که بودیم و همان خواهد بود
بر سر تربت ما چون گذری همت خواه
که زیارتگه رندان جهان خواهد بود
برو ای زاهد خودبین که ز چشم من و تو
راز این پرده نهان است و نهان خواهد بود
ترک عاشق کش من مست برون رفت امروز
تا دگر خون که از دیده روان خواهد بود
چشمم آن دم که ز شوق تو نهد سر به لحد
تا دم صبح قیامت نگران خواهد بود
بخت حافظ گر از این گونه مدد خواهد کرد
زلف معشوقه به دست دگران خواهد بود



One thought on “Hafez sung beautifully

  1. Intoxicated by the Wine of Love.
    From each a mystic silence Love demands.
    What do all seek so earnestly? ‘Tis Love.
    What do they whisper to each other? Love.
    Love is the subject of their inmost thoughts.
    In Love no longer ‘thou’ and ‘I’ exist,
    For Self has passed away in the Beloved.
    Now will I draw aside the veil from Love,
    And in the temple of mine inmost soul,
    Behold the Friend; Incomparable Love.
    He who would know the secret of both worlds,
    Will find the secret of them both, is Love.

    Farid ud Din Attar – translation Margaret Smith -The Jawhar Al-Dhat

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