Boutchichi Ḥaḍrah

Some of the finest recordings of Ḥaḍrah music I’ve found online are these recordings of a Boutchichi gathering in which they sing a poem by Shaykh ‘abd al-Raḥman Shaghouri :



The Saqi approahced us
and presented the cup to us
So we sipped and quenched our thirst
from the cups of Hamza (al-Hashim in the original poem)
He shouted and took lives as spoils of war
how many corpses has he brought back to life!
Far be it from him that he disappoint at all
whosoever comes with sincerity of intention
Empty your heart for the divine disclosure (tajallī)
and clear your eyes to see fully
And empty yourself of otherness, o friend
and annihilate yourself in the exalted Essence
Drink from the cup openly
and don’t see any shame in drinking
Go mad with love’s thirst and cast off all restraint
in the most holy meanings
Strive in your journey through the waystations
and follow the way of the ancients
Don’t pay any attention to what the blamers say
listening to them is a trial



O joy of my heart and eyes
O my life after death
after my unification and separation
God returned us to God
Live happy o my heart
and fulfill your desire
This is not by my own effort
but only by the grace of God
Everything that is in life is good
there is nothing in it that does not change
Throw away shifting fantasies
you’ll see all is from God
Then we truly see the Real/Truth
and sincerely find sincerity
We will see neither east nor west
apart from Him while God is our sufficiency


Chorus: O the fortunate of the folk, by God they have succeeded
and they don’t see amongst mankind, other than Him


He draws them near to himself and choses them for himself
and they make their meditation transcendent in His exaltedness
and they have no other cares
How have they witnessed His splendour?
He removes the covering veils from them
And they inhale the fragrance of His love
He manifests himself to them in light and glory
So they say, O He, O He!




boutchichi qasidah



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  1. Salaam Brother
    Beautiful thank you for sharing. Do you have any more english translations of Boutchichiya qassaids?


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