Water, Air, Fire, Earth


Ibn al-Fāriḍpurity without water


Purity but not water, Subtlety but not air
Light but not fire, spirit but not body
صفاءٌ، ولا ماءٌ، ولُطْفٌ، ولاهَواً،
ونورٌ ولا نارٌ وروحٌ ولا جسمُ





Neither space nor air is the Reality;
Neither earth nor fire is the Reality.
If there’s only the limitless One, all is Shiva.
Which, then is the cloud, and which is the rain?


गगनं पवनो न हि सत्यमिति
धरणी दहनो न हि सत्यमिति ।
यदि चैकनिरन्तरसर्वशिवं
जलदश्च कथं सलिलं च कथम्

Avadhuta Gita
Chapter 6, Verse 9


Ibn ‘Ajībah

In speaking of the Sufi, they have invoked the similitude of the four elements upon which the physical world is based: air, earth, water, and fire, also known as the four natures, and mentioned by Ibn Sina in the verses

What Hippocrates said of them was sound:
They are fire, water, earth, and wind


All four of these can be found in the nature of the Sufi.

al-futūḥāt al-ilāhiyyah fī sharḥ al-mubāḥith al-aṣliyyah


Emir ‘Abd al-Qadir

I am God, I am the creature
I am the Lord, I am the servant
I am the Throne, I am the carpet
I am water, I am fire
I am wind, I am earth
I am quantity, I am quality
I am finding, I am losing
I am essence, I am attribute
I am nearness, I am distance
All existence is my existence
I am only, I am unique


أنا حق أنا خلق             أنا رب أنا عبد
أنا عرش أنا فرش         و جحيم أنا خلد
أنا ماء أنا نار             و هواء أنا صلد
أنا كم أنا كيف              أنا وجد أنا فقد
أنا ذات أنا وصف         أنا قرب أنا بعد
كل كون ذاك كوني       أنا وحدي أنا فرد



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