If you are sweet…

Some of my favorite verses of poetry…


The captive prince Abu Firas Hamadani penned this plea to his cousin,
the famous Sayf al-Dawla. The latter, however, didn’t ransom the poet,
leaving him imprisoned for years to write some of the most beautiful poetry (collected as the Rūmiyāt) of a language of incredible poets.  Maybe Sayf liked his cousin’s poetry more than he liked having him back…

In any event, as often happens with poetry of exceptional beauty that strikes a universal chord, these verses were adopted by the Sufis and attributed to various saintly figures, demonstrating the unity and universality of Love and longing in all its forms.



As long as you’re sweet, let life be bitter
As long as you’re pleased, let all men be wroth
As long as there’s a bond between me and you
Let all between me and the worlds be in ruins
If truly you love me, then all things are easy
And let all that’s over the dust, be dust



فليتك تحلو والحياة مريرة            وليتك ترضى والأنام غضاب
وليت الذي بيني وبينك عامر              وبيني وبين العالمين خراب
إذا صح منك الود فالكل هين             وكل الذي فوق التراب تراب

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