I began by mentioning my love…

 Legend has it that Shushtari’s master gave him a tambourine and made him sing in the market for his money (probably as a way of teaching the young nobleman humility).  He kept repeating the first line of this song over and over again, unable to come up with anything else, until inspiration struck, and the rest of the verses came pouring out. This, his first composition, has been sung ever since…






I began by mentioning my love
I fell head over heels, life sweetened
A wonderful secret revealed

When the cup goes round
all those sitting together
their souls are revived
and troubles leave them

Pouring the cup of true happiness
God forgives whatever is past

Drink up my friend, and be glad
Live in the peace of the beloved
that I won through a wondrous mystery

Empty the glasses, drink them all up
Enrich yourself in the state of the saints

Lightning brightened the sanctuary
God forgives whatever is past

Oh Saki, take pity on us
The master forgives our sins

Pour wine out for us
and bless us with peace
For we are mad with love
Just like the noble saints

Open for us the vast expanse
God forgives whatever is past


Original (slightly different from the recording above):

بَديتْ بِذِكرِ الحبيبْ            وهِمْتُ وعيشي يطيبْ
               وبحتُ بسرٍ عجيبْ
لمَّا دارَ الكاسْ                   ما بيْنَ الجُلاَّسْ
أحْيَتْهُم الأنفاسْ                عنهُم زالَ الباسْ
سقاهُمْ بكاسِ الرِضى           عفا الله عما مضى
اشربْ يا نديمي وطِيبْ         وعِشْ في أمانِ الحبيبْ
                 قد فزتُ بسرٍ عجيبْ
قم خَلي الكاساتْ              واشْربْ بالطاساتْ
واغتنم لذَاتْ                 في مقامْ ساداتْ
بُريق الحِمَّا قد أضا             عَفا اللهُ عما مَضى
يا ساقي ترفق بِنا                المولى غَفَرْ ذَنْبَنا
اسقِنا مُدامْ                    وانعَمْ بالسَّلامْ
ونحن هيامْ                  مَعْ ساداتٍ كرامْ
وَوَسِعْ علينا الفضا              عفا الله عما مضى


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