“In nearness, farness vanished is…”

I would, so overflowing is my love for Him
Remember him perpetually, yet my remembrance—
How wondrous—  is vanished into ecstasy
And still yet more wondrous, even ecstasy,
With memory’s self, in nearness, farness vanished is

-Abu’l Husayn an-Nuri

               أريد دوام الذكر من فرط حبّه
فيا عجبا من غيبة الذكر في الوجد
                و أعجب منه غيبة الوجد تارة
و غيبة عين الذكر في القرب و البعد

ابو الحسين النوري-


Ibn al-Farid:

Increase me in love for you, and wonder
and have mercy on a heart, scorched mad by your love
And if I ask to really see you
Be generous and let not your answer be, “thou shalt not see
O heart, you promised me that you’d be patient in loving them
Take heed and avoid anguish and anxiety
Verily, Life is love, so die in love
and it’s your right to die in love, forgiven
Tell those before me, and those behind
And whoever witnessed my sorrow:
Learn from me and my example, and hear me
And tell mankind the story of my love
Alone with my Love I have been:
A secret subtler than the wind’s lightest breath,
Whenon the night it steals, between us passed;
He granted to my gaze a longed-for sight
Whence I, till then unknown, illustrious am
Between His Beauty and His Majesty
I marvelled, and my state of marvelling
Was like an eloquent tongue that spake of me.
Turn then thy looks unto His countenance,
To find the whole of beauty lineate there.
All beauty, if it gathered were and made
One perfect form, beholding Him, would say:
There is no god but God; God is greater.



زِدني بفرط الحب فيك تحيّراً
وارحم حشى بلظى هواك تسعَرّا
وإذا سألتُك أن أراك حقيقةًً
فاسمحْ ولا تجعلْ جوابيَ : لن ترى
يا قلبُ أنت وعدتني في حبهم
صبراً فحاذرْ أن تضيق وتضجرا
إنّ الغرامَ هو الحياةُ فمُت به
صبَّاً فحقُكَ أن تموتَ وتُعذرا
قل للذين تقدموا قبلي ومَن
بعدي ومَن أضحى لأشجاني يرى
عني خذوا وبيَ اقتدوا ولي اسمعوا
وتحدثوا بصبابتي بين الورى
ولقد خلوتُ مع الحبيب وبيننا
سِرٌّ أرقُّ من النسيِمِ إذا سرى
وأباح طرفي نظرةً أمّلتُها
فغدوتُ معروفاً وكنت مُنَكَّرا
فدهشتُ بين جمالِهِ وجلالِهِ
وغدا لسانُ الحالِ عنّي مُخْبِرا
فأدِر لِحاظك في محاسن وجهه
تلقى جميعَ الحسنِ فيه مصوَّرا
لو أنّ كلَّ الحسنِ يكمل صورةً
ورآه كان مهلِّلاً ومكبّرا

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    I hope this finds you well. I was wondering, the translation is done by you or there is a reference for it? I am asking because I am working on a chapter that includes the first 2 verses of this poem and I need a translation for them.

    In case the translation is made by you can I ask your permission to use them?

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