Lovers never die


                    هرگز نمیرد آن که دلش زنده شد به عشق

ثبت است بر جریده عالم دوام ما

He whose heart has been revived by love will never die
Our eternity has been written in the record of the world



Lips scalded by love’s tongues of flame
Can never taste death’s bitter pain



بگشای تربتم را بعد از وفات و بنگر

کز آتش درونم دود از کفن برآید


When I am dead, open my grave and see
The cloud of smoke that rises round thy feet:
In my dead heart the fire still burns for thee;
Yea, the smoke rises from my winding-sheet!


Translation: Gertrude Bell

One thought on “Lovers never die

  1. Dear Harvard,
    Hello, thank you for reviving the love of Persian poems for Persians (like me) by providing English translations so there is freedom and more paths of positivity for humanity! May the love of God dwell in you & keep you always alive!
    With love from Birmingham-UK

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