The Virgin Birth



The body is like Mary. Each of us has a Jesus, but so long as no pain appears, our Jesus is not born. If pain never comes, our Jesus goes back to his place of origin on the same secret path he had come, and we remain behind, deprived and without a share of him. 

trans. Annemarie Schimmel. I Am Wind, You are Fire; The Life and Work of Rumi.  Shambhala, Boston 1996. p. 122

If you bathe your soul for one instant in the veil of his love
 Like Mary, from one breath, you’ll see Jesus conceived
If like Mary, you conceive the Messiah without a father
Your face will turn saffron-yellow (from pain)


یک نفس در پرده عشقش چو جانت غسل کرد
همچو مریم از دمی بینی تو عیسی زاییی
چون بزادی همچو مریم آن مسیح بی‌پدر
گردد این رخسار سرخت زعفران سیماییی



Angelus Silesius


The Virgin I must be and bring God forth from me
should ever I be granted divine felicity.


 When God lay hidden in the womb of a young virgin,
It happened that the point fully contained the circle.


God is my center, if I do encompass Him
My circle he becomes, I am enclosed in Him.


The Virgin is a crystal, her son celestial light;
Wholly she is pierced by him, yet unimpaired she shines.


The soul that’s viriginal and naught but God conceives
Can pregnant be with God as often as it pleases.


trans. from Maria Shrady.  Angelus Silesius: The Cherubinic Wanderer.  Paulist Press, 1986.