Flamenco is Love and Pain

“Flamenco is love and pain,” he said. “Heartbreak. In art there has to be pain, that is clear – it is like life, whether you want it or not, it is there.”

-Vicente Amigo in an interview

 Hafez says…

مرا می*بینی و هر دم زیادت می*کنی دردم

Marâ mibini o hardam, ziyâdat mikoni dardam

Every time you look into my eyes, you put salt into my wounds

تو را می*بینم و میلم زیادت می*شود هر دم

Tow râ mibinam o meylam ziyâdat mishavad har dam

Every time I look into your eyes, my passion soars for you

به سامانم نمی*پرسی نمی*دانم چه سر داری

Beh sâmânam nemiporsi, nemidânam cheh sar dâri

You never ask about my well being, I don’t know what you are going to do with me

به درمانم نمی*کوشی نمی*دانی مگر دردم

Beh darmânam nemikooshi, nemidâni magar dardam

You do not try to heal my wounds as if you are unaware of them

نه راه است این که بگذاری مرا بر خاک و بگریزی

Na râh ast in keh bogzâri marâ bar khâk o bogrizi

Leaving me here on the ground is not respectable

گذاری آر و بازم پرس تا خاک رهت گردم

Gozâri âr o bazam prs ta khâk-e rahat gardam

Return to me and look for me – I will be the dust of your road forever*

ندارم دستت از دامن بجز در خاک و آن دم هم

Nadaram dastat az dâman bejoz dar khâk o ân dam ham

I cannot reach you, I would only reach your skirt if I became dust**, but even in that case

که بر خاکم روان گردی بگیرد دامنت گردم

Keh bar khâkam ravân gardi, begirad dâmanat gardam

When you would walk over my dust, your skirt would absorb all of it***

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