Hafez and Flamenco


Everyone who became an intimate of the heart, remained in my love’s sanctuary
and the one who didn’t understand this remained in denail


Don’t fault my heart if it shed its veil.
Thank God it didn’t stay veiled in its imagination


The Sufis redeemed all the clothes they pawned for wine
Only our coat remained in the tavern


The other Sufis passed by drunk and no one noticed
Only our story remained the talk of every bazaar


The ruby wine that we took from that pale hand
Turned to pure regret and remained in our eyes


My heart has been his lover from before creation to beyond time
We have heard of no one else who has been eternal in this work


I have never seen a more beautiful reminder
than the words of love that linger in this turning dome


The narcissus tried to mimic your sultry eyes
Your ways were beyond him, and he lies sick still


The robe I wore covered a hundred faults,I pawned it for wine
and what remained was the musician and the infidel’s belt


The Chinese painting became so amazed by your beauty
That its speech remained all over the walls


One day Hafez’s heart went to gaze at his lovely curls
It meant to return, but remained entangled there forever.



Modified from Elizabeth Gray’s The Green Sea of Heaven.  White Cloud Press, 1995


هر که شد محرم دل در حرم يار بماند                  وان که اين کار ندانست در انکار بماند
اگر از پرده برون شد دل من عيب مکن                   شکر ايزد که نه در پرده پندار بماند
صوفيان واستدند از گرو می همه رخت                      دلق ما بود که در خانه خمار بماند
محتسب شيخ شد و فسق خود از ياد ببرد                 قصه ماست که در هر سر بازار بماند
هر می لعل کز آن دست بلورين ستديم                   آب حسرت شد و در چشم گهربار بماند
جز دل من کز ازل تا به ابد عاشق رفت                    جاودان کس نشنيديم که در کار بماند
گشت بيمار که چون چشم تو گردد نرگ                     شيوه تو نشدش حاصل و بيمار بماند
از صدای سخن عشق نديدم خوشتر                            يادگاری که در اين گنبد دوار بماند
داشتم دلقی و صد عيب مرا می‌پوشيد                  خرقه رهن می و مطرب شد و زنار بماند
بر جمال تو چنان صورت چين حيران شد                که حديثش همه جا در در و ديوار بماند
به تماشاگه زلفش دل حافظ روزی                                شد که بازآيد و جاويد گرفتار بماند

They say the world is like that

Look gypsy girl, gypsy girl how I love you
Last night I dreamed about you
I woke up and you’re not there
And I say to myself, girl
How alone I am now
Life is a lie
Life is a lie
And everyone who has money
Has smiles on their faces
In summer the heat
And in winter really cold
And because I have no money
I’ll stay the same
They say the world is like that
Why do they say that?
I know they speak about me
Right now good or badly
I stay happy
Because I stay in the present
And I say to myself
Let them tell me
Let them tell me
They say Alejando Sanz
Is the heart breaker
But when I come out to sing
I give you my heart (my all)
Look, what a gypsy I am
That I sell my shirt
Everywhere I go.



Dicen que el mundo es asi
Que mira gitanita, gitana como te quiero…
Anoche soñe contigo
Me he despierto y tú no estaba
Y me digo mamaíta (x2)
Que solito me quedaba
La vida es una mentira
La vida es un engaño
Y todos que tienen el dinero
Las risas tienen en los labios
En el verano la calor
En el invierno mucho frío
Y yo como no tengo dinero
Me tiro el vestido
Dicen que el mundo es así
¿Por qué lo dice la gente?
Yo sé que hablan de mi
Para bien o malamente
Y yo sigo muy feliz
Porque yo sigue muy presente
Y yo digo para mí
Que me lo cuenten
Y dicen que alejando san
Parte los corazones
Y pero yo cuando
Esa mana canta (x2)
Mira que gitano soy
Que yo vendo mi camisa
Por donde quiera que voy

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