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Just Getting Started


Hello, my name is Sheldon Schwartz. I am a web designer and developer working with the Harvard Green Campus Initiative. (

I am an at-large participant in the Cyber One class and have been a fairly active resident of Second Life for almost a year… (October ’05 as Rain Soothsayer; now as an ALT Mobile Widget).

For the past two years, I have been telecommuting from St Paul, MN to Cambridge, MA every day for work. My life is based on Internet communications.

Second Life and the possibilities of Virtual Worlds have gotten me more excited than I was (in the 90s) about the Internet. The excitement for the net got me into web work. I am wondering where this excitement for SL will take me.

I look forward to the future of this technology. It is much more than a platform or technology when human consciousness is applied behind the avatars.

I am very interested in creating an SL project for the Green Campus Initiative. (Any thoughts?)

I am available to help in Second Life for any projects. (I have become pretty good at building and basic scripting!)

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