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Fools on the Hill: Mukasey Rejects Congressional Demand for Information on CIA Tapes Investigation

Posted by stoptorture on 14th December 2007

NYTimes reports today.

We warned you, Chuck Schumer. Dianne Feinstein. Mukasey’s playing a fun wordgame again, claiming that by blocking Congressional inquiries and refusing to respond to the scandal of torture and cover-up, he simply refrains from “being political”– just like he promised in his confirmation hearings. Clever.

Meanwhile, in very (ahem) apolitical character, Mukasey published an op/ed in today’s LA Times, calling for Congress to enact FISA reform, ie. to push the bill that amnesties the telecom companies and institutionalizes our overseas warrantless wiretapping program. So Mukasey can meddle in Congress’ affairs, but Congress can’t meddle with his? That is, he can be political whenever he chooses to be?

Are McCain, Specter, and all those who claimed to trust that Mukasey, this independent, upright character would keep his promises and come out strong against torture and spying as soon as he took office — are they liars, or simply the biggest fools on the hill?

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