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Stop Torture Logo

Posted by stoptorture on November 29th, 2006

Stop Torture Logo
Our current logo draft. You can find the higher res version here.
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76 Responses to “Stop Torture Logo”

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  2. Luigi Domenico Says:

    Great article, good work!

  3. Synthol Says:

    Basic, but at least it’s straight to the point.

  4. daniel Says:

    I am from Sweden and I agree with you 100% that torture need to be stoped.

  5. Violet Says:

    Very interesting post its sad that there is so much torture going on in the world today. I feel that anyone found guilty and convicted of torture gets exactly what they deserve.

  6. Ancient Chinese Inventions Says:

    Making a loge that speaks a lot regarding torture is a way of influencing others that by little deeds we can make a huge difference. This is indeed a good start and hoping that people around the world will be concerned of the rampant incidents of human torture. This is a good topic to give credit to.

  7. David from Healthy Living Tips Says:

    Torture would have to be close to the most dreadful of all human activities. Do your best to stop it!

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  10. receding hairline Says:

    Well, the logo is pretty basic, but the message is obviously one of great importance.

  11. Tom Says:

    Nice logo!

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  13. Shreesh Says:


    Just googled this blog, nice logo even though it does not have much but its good as its simple and elegant and delivers the message strongly and clearly.


  14. Kids Flip Flops Says:

    @Shreesh: I guess a “stop torture” logo couldn’t have anything more than a black background and a white coloured message, reflecting the light that should dominate darknes

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    I wish you the best to your kind purposes. I just hope everyone adopts this logo and its logic

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    Though many of us remain politically active on this and other issues, Act Against Torture stopped organizing actions, updating this site, and checking the group’s contact e-mail in 2009. We’re disgusted and angry at the failure of the U.S. government to close Guantanamo and end indefinite detention. We’re keeping our website live as an archive and resource, and may occasionally update the index page.

    HP Service Center

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    The image says it all. I hope more people post this to their facebooks to spread the message.

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    A picture can say 1000 words and this one certainly does

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    I escaped to India to avoid mental abuse and torture in U.S. But I am being subjected to torture here in my home in Chennai and the torture is done by my mother. She is torturing me daily in many ways and is trying to force me to go back to the U.S. so I think she is being used as an agent to get me back to continue torture..

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    Simple but powerful.

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