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mooning over law librarians


 BloodMoon07   It’s Saturday night in Schenectady.  The Blood Moon Eclipse is over and I’m home alone [yes, a solo shlepper; but, no self-help jokes allowed].  What better to do than check out David Lat’s Law Librarian Hottie Contest at his tabloid weblog Above the Law?  Since we mentioned the Contest here on Valentine’s Day (see prior post), Lat has received many worthy nominations, male and female.  [update: Hottie winners announced]

 The good news as of March 3rd is that the Polls Remain Open (click to find out the current leaders).  To read about, and see photos of, the Law Librarian Hottie Contestants (and access the poll form) click the following links:

 maleSymbol  Law Librarian Hotties: Your Female Nominees

femaleSym  Law Librarian Hotties: Your Male Nominees

You can, of course, vote for either or both genders.  I’m sticking to the female nominees.

  • Lat reminds us of a famous quote from President Bush: “As Sam [Alito] and I both know, you can’t go wrong marrying a librarian.”  And David adds that marrying Laura the Librarian Bush “was probably one of the Decider’s best decisions.”
  • HeartArrowGFrankly, although the current leaders are lovely and smart, they’re a little young for consideration by this Boomer.  I’m going to be giving close attention to contestants who’ve been around the stacks a few more times.


  1. MaryWhisner

    March 4, 2007 @ 11:20 pm


    This is all in good fun and we all know that discerning people value inner beauty (as well, perhaps, as the pretty face and well-turned ankle — and whatever is in between).

    I’m heartened that most of the nominating statements not only talked about what babes and studs the nominees were but also lauded their intelligence, commitment to service, ingenuity, knowledge, and so on. One of my favorite lines was about a man who “knows Witkin backwards and forwards! That’s just plain sexy.”

    For what it’s worth, let me endorse Camilla Tubbs, a young reference librarian at Yale (and a former student of mine). One of her classmates is campaigning heavily for her and I’ve joined the bandwagon. (The pictures posted are not her best, but she’s still quite lovely in them.) I don’t know most of the men, but I think Dwight King is a great librarian and a heck of a nice guy — and good looking, too!

  2. shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress » Blog Archive » law librarians: they’re hot and cool

    March 18, 2007 @ 1:58 pm


    […]       A good self-helper, like a good librarian, needs perseverance and follow-through.  So, I’d be obliged to follow up our prior post about the Law Librarian Hotties Contest at Above the Law, even if it weren’t a fun way to remind the world that old stereotypes about librarians need to be amended (or even repealed).  After a month of reader polling, David Lat announced the winners on March 15, 2007: […]

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